AIMP v3.00 Build 915 Beta 4 โปรแกรมฟังเพลงอัจฉริยะ เสียงดีไม่แพ้ Winamp ลองใช้ดู

โปรแกรมฟังเพลงอัจฉริยะเสียงดีไม่แพ้ Winamp ลองใช้ดูครับ
Update (05.08.2011)
+ Plugins: Added context menu extension for Windows Explorer
+ Plugins: plugin has been translated to API v2.0
+ Playlist: Added the ability to disable automerging of similar categories
* DSP-Manager: Pitch changing step has been corrected
* Plugins: tak_deco_lib has been updated to v2.2
* Plugins: bass_midi has been updated to v2.4.6.3
* Playlist: Shuffle algorithm has been improved
- Fixed: Player jumps to the next track unexpectedly in some cases when listening audio sets
- Fixed: IAIMPController.AIMP_GetCurrentTrack doesn't work with remote files
- Fixed: Information line detects fullscreen applications incorrectly on the system with few monitors
- Fixed: scrobbler doesn't scrobble when listening internet-radio
- Fixed: Portable version of AIMP3 intercepts associations from AIMP2
- Fixed: Internet-radio capture doesn't work
- Fixed: Adding files or folders stops when trying to read CUE sheet for nonexistent file
- Fixed: "Copy to...": doesn't show overwrite confirmation
- Fixed: Tab created via Drag-and-Drop doesn't receive focus automatically
- Fixed: Local hotkeys don't working in fullscreen mode of visualization
- Fixed: %DC macros return incorrect value
- Fixed: Option "Replay playlist with one file" doesn't work if shuffle mode is enabled
- Fixed: %DN macros are ignored in Tags Editor when rename files
- Fixed: Wide picture of AlbumArt overlaps some text fields
- Fixed: Player crashes when trying to switch between skins with different orientation of playlists' tabs
- Fixed: ID3v1 has higher priority than ID3v2 in some cases
- Fixed: CoverArts in BMP format don't read correctly
- Fixed: "Added date" field is ignored when import data from AIMP2 database