aimp 3.00.861 Beta1 โปรแกรมฟังเพลง รองรับภาษาไทย 100% คุณภาพเกินตัว

AIMP v3.00 Build 861 Beta 1

+ Player: ASIO - Added ability to choose the channels, which would be used for output
+ Player: Ability to create a new playlist tab under mouse pointer while dragging files
+ Player: Added "Auto-adjust equalizer preset for a track" action to the equalizer menu
+ Scheduler: Ability to use playlist as alarm clock signal
+ Audio Library: Ability to play files / playlists in AIMP3
+ Audio Library: Ability of manual import of database from AIMP2
* Localizations were updated
* BASS Libraries were updated
* Sound Engine: Algorithm of the resampler has been improved
* Plugins: Plugin for access to catalog has been removed
* Player: Crossfading and pause between tracks settings have been moved to separate items
* Playlist: Loading speed of playlists has been increased
* Skins: Drawing speed has been increased
- Fixed: Autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue
- Fixed: Incorrect name for playlist was set, if it had been loaded from external file
- Fixed: Autoloaded preset of the equalizer is reset by Alt+Click combination, when information about the file from playlist is displayed
- Fixed: Value of option "Audio Library: Allow statistics" wasn't saved
- Fixed: Titles for the some tracks are displayed truncated when listening internet-radiostations
- Fixed: Tracks are grouped incorrectly, if it has been expanded by CUE sheet
- Fixed: Player resumes playing incorrectly on program startup, if few playlists have same name
- Fixed: Skins were drawn incorrectly on Windows XP under low color mode
- Fixed: Player hung when internet-radiostation switching track
- Fixed: Mono-channel mode was active by default
- Fixed: Positions of records in the table were calculated incorrectly after the sorting
- Fixed: Tag Editor - address line wasn't updated after the file had been renamed
- Fixed: Tag Editor - the "Don't fill field if it has value" function wasn't work
- Fixed: Tag Editor - it had no any ability to disable AutoTag, if it was enable
- Fixed: Fixed: Files weren't moved, if keyboard was used for playlist navigation while drag and drop operation was being processed
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects