VistaGlazz V.2.2 แต่งวินโดวส์ให้ใสๆ มองทะลุพื้นหลัง สไตล์ เท่ๆ

We’ve been working on a new product for quite some time and wewould like to present it to you on this fine day. Also, we’d like toquit work and drink cocktails on a tropical island for the rest of ourlives. Anyway, this is all not going to happen. Or at least, not today.

Don’tworry though, we’ve heard your requests for a SevenGlazz, and we’reproud to present VistaGlazz 2! We’re emotionally attached to the oldname.The new VistaGlazz supports the KB971029 update, but also enablesstyle customization for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64bit)!

เอาให้เห็นภาพชัดๆ ว่าสวยแค่ไหน